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September 16 2017

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you say that I’m kinda difficult
but it’s always someone else’s fault
got you wrapped around my finger babe
you can count on me to misbehave

September 15 2017

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September 14 2017

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an ally

The Person You Fabricated To Exist In Your Maladaptive Love Fantasies Does Not Fucking Exist In The Real World So You Need To Stop Dutifully Lying In Wait For An Imaginary Coping Mechanism That You Hope Will One Day Physically Manifest Itself In Front Of You

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September 13 2017

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beauty at philipp plein spring 2018 rtw

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• Coat.
Place of origin: England
Date: 1760’s

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12 year old me sure was something 

this is where i peaked lads

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OH MY GOD!?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YALL!?@,#*#>,#(#]××02,2,


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Mario Tennis 64 is the greatest sports game of all time


Google search: How to be seen as hot, but only by girls



if fashion truly is cyclical, when is little kids wearing nautical outfits licking comically large lollipops coming back around


September 12 2017

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This is claw-some.

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Shortly after the guillotine sliced its own bloody version of a necklace into the Queen’s throat, well-born women of Paris began tying thin red ribbons around their necks as a reminder of what they might soon suffer.
— from Queen of Fashion: What Marie Antoinette Wore to the Revolution by Caroline Weber (via doomed-princess)
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