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November 07 2017




Are there like… any other parents on Vulcan? Like are Sarek and Amanda single-handedly raising every single child they encounter? Every child who sets foot on the planet now belongs to them? Like they meet some other Vulcan’s kid and go “hello, I’m your parent now” and then just take off with them? Is that what happened?

Sarek at the mall: “Sir, madam, I do not know your name, but but I see your son/daughter seems unfulfilled by your bond, constraining his/her philosophical development. As our offspring’s relationship with us is demonstrably superior, would it not be logical for you to surrender custody?”

Other Vulcan: “Your reasoning is cogent and flawless. Live long and prosper, son/daughter. I shall use the funds that were to pay for your schooling to purchase many plush robes in which I will ponder existence more comfortably.”

Vulcan child: “An excellent plan. Thank you for begetting me.”

I know it’s been a while but the funniest part of this for me is still “Sarek at the mall”



basically, i think the general rule of thumb is: if someone REALLY wants the blood that’s inside of your body, and they’re like… a vampire, or a dracula, or some sort of mansquito, then that’s probably okay. a dracula and a mansquito are made for removing things like blood and swords from inside your body. that’s basically fine.

if something wants to get at your blood, and they’re, say, some kind of murdersaurus, or maybe a really big frog, that’s where the problems start to arise. a really frog is not made for removing blood, and your blood knows this, which is why it is so vehement about wanting to stay IN your body instead of coming out. 

unfortunately this will not deter a really big frog, because a really big frog is full of things like prizes, and value, and quite a lot of hatred, and it would REALLY rather like to replace any and all of those things with your blood, and basically by any means possible.

These words scan with a fantastic degree of confidence considering that together they make no sense at all

November 05 2017

sry I’m not on tumbly much these days (I’m here more often twitter.com/glitterotic)

also sry @ everyone who keeps seeing my Star Trek posts from like 5 years ago

Cretak is still the fuckin best tho and Kira/Cretak is still otp4lyf fuck yeah bruz

October 26 2017

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October 25 2017

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Don’t let go!

October 23 2017

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comics about ditto

October 15 2017

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Kylie Minogue - Dancing Queen @sydney 2000 Olympics

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so the artbook has early concepts for each hero and no offense but this is the mercy we deserve

October 14 2017

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Rihanna - Harper’s Bazaar | March 2017 issue (HQ)

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Bi means two. Humans and aliens.

@mexicandisneyland pls confirm

Once again people are taking “bi means two” too literally. It’s not just about humans and aliens. “Bi” is just an umbrella term, it can also include attraction to cryptids, monsters, etc.

I’m such a rube. How could I?

Don’t be so hard on yourself! Cryptids make a point not to be seen and therefore not to be remembered, forgetting them happens to the best of us.


@ginormouspotato @lesliecrusher @SPANDEXUAL

October 09 2017

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im going thru my follower list and blocking everyone who i think is a robot and man some of yall dont make it easy to see if youre a human or not by first glance i respect your aesthetics but also holy fuck

like is this a human being or is this a robots approximation of human absurdity 

Is This A Human Fucking Being

alan turing is laughing at us right now


digital artists and alignments

lawful good: organized layer folders, each folder has a name, all of the layers have names, finished layers are locked

neutral good: names all the layers and locks them but doesn’t do folders

chaotic good: names all the layers but doesn’t lock em and doesn’t do folders

lawful neutral: layers and folders still have ther default numbers, no names

true neutral: no folders and all default numbers. no names. no locks.

chaotic neutral: sometimes uses names. sometimes doesnt. sometimes theres folders. sometimes theres not.

lawful evil: does everything in one layer

neutral evil: merges all layers as they finish them

chaotic evil: a million blank layers with nothing on any of them

October 07 2017

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sike, here’s another meme


some of you have never had a customer service job and it shows

October 06 2017

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- “A Cat’s Guide To Taking Care of Your Human” [x]

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Doug Jones talks about Saru’s butt [x].


i’m just a teenage fruit snack baby

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